What is Orthodontics?

A healthy, functional, and attractive smile requires straight teeth and well-aligned jaws. With orthodontic treatment, you can correct the cosmetic and functional problems associated with teeth that are overcrowded, have spaces between them, or have shifted over time due to extractions, habits, or abnormal bite patterns. Orthodontics can also address skeletal discrepancies between the upper and lower jaws.

Orthodontic treatment ranges from the minor movement of a few teeth to the alignment of an entire bite. In certain situations, orthodontics may also be used to align the teeth before and after the surgical correction of severe jaw discrepancies.


An innovative, discreet, and effective system of care, Invisalign treatment offers a cosmetic way to align your smile with minimal interference to daily activities. Dr. Andrea and Dr. Mike utilize 3-D computer imaging technology to correct problematic bites or malocclusions by planning a complete sequence of custom-made, clear aligners. This series of clear aligners incrementally move the teeth into place until the final desired corrections are reached.

Spark Aligners

Spark Aligners are a modern alternative to traditional braces that straighten teeth using a system of clear, removable trays. Each aligner is custom-made to fit over your teeth and is designed to shift teeth into place gradually.

Spark Aligners are made of TruGEN, the latest generation of aligner material, and are engineered to provide better-sustained force retention for maximum efficiency. Spark aligners are also engineered to be clearer and have fewer aligner stains than the leading aligner material, so you can feel more secure during treatment.



Metal Braces are, by far, the most “tried and true” treatment approach. Braces have come a long way, as they are now smaller, more efficient, and more comfortable than traditional metal brackets. This is a popular option for teens who want to show their personality through colorful elastic rings.


Clear Braces are less noticeable than metal braces. It is the desired treatment for teens and adults who want to straighten their teeth as discreetly as possible but are not candidates for clear aligners. The clear brackets are transparent and blend well with your teeth.

Orthodontic Appliances

Other types of orthodontic appliances may also be used during your orthodontic treatment. Some of these appliances are removable and can be taken in and out of the mouth, while others will be attached to the teeth until they are no longer needed.

Depending upon the specific needs of the case, these appliances may be used to accomplish several issues, including:
  • Widening the jaws to make sufficient space for permanent teeth
  • Influencing jaw growth
  • The reduction of deep overbites
  • Allowing for the correction of teeth in crossbite
  • Maintaining the space for a permanent tooth when a baby has been prematurely lost
  • Minor tooth movement
  • Helping to control harmful oral habits, such as finger sucking

Treatment for All Ages!


Most problems involving the alignment of your child’s teeth and the growth of their jaws can be identified by the time they are in the first or second grade. That is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have a check-up with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7. At this visit, we will carefully examine your child’s bite and assess the alignment and development of the teeth to come up with a long – term game plan.


Helping your teen achieve a well-aligned, more pleasing, and healthier smile means committing to orthodontic care. Although orthodontic treatment involves wearing some appliances and takes time, the ultimate reward of a beautiful smile is well worth the effort. The good news is that thanks to advances in modern orthodontics. Today’s image-conscious teens can choose from a wide selection of appliances that are far less bulky, much less noticeable, and more comfortable than ever before.


Orthodontics is not reserved for kids. With the wide variety of orthodontic treatment options available to adults, the treatment process is more convenient, comfortable, efficient, and much less conspicuous than ever before. An adult interested in orthodontic care can select braces that are hardly visible at all. Today’s tooth-colored ceramic braces or removable clear aligners can effectively deliver treatment to achieve successful and pleasing outcomes.

Our Technology


Embracing two-way texting as a communication channel for our patients offers a fast, easy, and secure communication flow to keep our staff connected with busy patients.

3D Scanner

No more messy rubber mouth impressions with our digital iTero scanner. Aside from superior comfort, it provides a more precise and detailed structure of your teeth, allowing us to plan your case efficiently.


The Cone Beam CT Scan creates fantastic 3D images that show bone, airway, and soft tissue in these areas and any dental work you may have.

In-House Aligners

In-House Aligners are similar to Invisalign and Spark aligners. The only difference is that we fabricate your aligner trays here in our office, providing you with a quick and more comfortable option.

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